With the help of Hashem, I am in the process of publishing my first Jewish book called Kavanos Halev, Meditations of the Heart! Before you is an unpolished and unedited version. With the help of Hashem, we hope the polished version will be published by a major Jewish book publisher. Please enjoy the sefer and send us your feedback!


Many of us frum people seeking to come close to Hashem are searching for something more spiritually. An answer, so to speak as to how to come close to Hashem like the great Rebbe's and Goans of previous times. This Sefer, jewish book seeks out the answers to these questions in a practical yet very advanced kedushadich way.

   For More, check out the introduction and table of contents.




I also have a Music CD    Kavanos Halev with my own composed music. See below...



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